Have a Kreate a Kewpie DIY Party!

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As i sit with glitter and glue sparkling the Kewpie Dolls, my gorgeous son Dallas sticks his head in and wants to "help"
And after he glittered her face and her legs and everywhere fun but not where the glitter is "supposed" to go, an idea emerged.... Kreate-a-Kewpie where kids get a blank kewpie doll and create their own doll!

What a fantastic idea!
Why not have a Kewpie party with all your friends creating their own kewpie that they get to take home at the end of the party?

Kreate a Kewpie

1. Your Kreate a Kewpie kit contains :
Either 25, 15 or 5 blank Kewpie dolls
25, 15 or 5 one of a kind handmade plain tulle tutu skirts
Kewpie doll bodice glitter in assorted colours
Packets of assorted Sparkles
25, 15 or 5 30cm traditional bamboo sticks & elastics for attaching the dolls

All sets come with Glue, Brushes & Instructions.
You can buy a Hot glue gun to adhere the sparkles to the tutus if you like.

A tip is to work over a sheet of paper so you can collect the glitter up when you are finished.

2. Choose your colours
Choose your glitter colour & skirt colour

3. Glue
Paint a fine layer of glue over the Kewpie's bodice. It's important to keep the glue to a sheer fine thickness otherwise it will run. Paint her
hair too if you like!

(Note.... This is too much glue! Lol)

3. Ready to sparkle
Gently sprinkle glitter over the glued areas. Tap it down gently where you think it might need help sticking. Turn her over and tap off excess glitter.

4. While Kewpie is drying choose some Kewpie sparkles and using a hot glue gun put a tiny amount of glue on her dress to adhere a butterfly or heart or star. Be creative, she could have stars in her hair or a big feature flower? Hot glue dries fast so have fun with it but watch your fingers!

5. Drying time
Your glitter may take a few hours to dry. I usually leave mine overnight before touch testing them.
Once she is dry she can be assembled.
She slips into her elastic tutu and attaches to the stick up her back with elastic bands wrapped around her feet and neck.

6. Have fun with your Kewpie! Please show us how lovely you look with her on Instagram by using the hashtag #kreateakewpie #originalkewpies
And you could win a signature original kewpie doll!



Some of our stockists have had Kreate a Kewpie Workshops instore with the kids. Its a particularly fun School Holiday project for all ages!

Leave us a comment below if you've been to a Kreate-a-Kewpie Workshop or Party and loved it? ❤️

 And if youd like to have your own Kreate a Kewpie kit you can SHOP for them here :

Have a Cute day!

Dolly x

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