Kewpie Accessories

Original Kewpies aren’t dressed ready to play without their Accessories!
Here is where you can purchase sticks & a change of Tutu for your Kewpies! The sticks come in traditional bamboo cane style (without the rounded cane top), Wooden dowel and also fancy shiny gold or glitter sticks, exclusive to Original Kewpie Co Dolls.
Kewpie Doll Tulle Tutus can be bought separately. For those who like to mix and match and dress their dolls in different coloured tutus, you could even match the Original Kewpie dolls outfit to your own!
Pick up Magic Kewpie Dust, Kewpie Glitter Hairshine, Face and body glitter and soon to come, Kewpie Doll t-shirts, tutus and accessories for YOU to wear!


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