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Deluxe Original Kewpie Dolls have that little bit extra added! And they're LIMITED EDITION.

Back in the day, we had a lot of different styles and sizes of these Kewpie Dolls, we even had a super large deluxe doll that would sell for over $100 as it had SO much work put into it.

We've started creating limited numbers of a particular style of Kewpie Doll, so we might have 4 of some or 6 of some or 10 of others, depending on materials.

Deluxe Original Kewpie Dolls are more expensive than the others, but they come with that little bit extra... a feathered headdress plus a fancy rosette and extra glitter in their hair. They might have a hat or they might have a larger tutu. The extravagance awaits you in our Deluxe Dolls section! 



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