Kewpie Doll Nostalgia

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These lovely sisters from America contacted us at The Original Kewpie Co to request if it were possible for us to re-create similar Kewpie Dolls to the ones they owned when they were children.
The above photo is the before and after photos of what they sent to us and what we created for them. They sent us the above black and white photo of themselves as little girls playing with their beloved Kewpie Dolls on sticks and we set to work to try and re-create their memory for them. The coloured photo is of the girls today with the Kewpie Dolls we made for them.
We created "Sheryl" who is available in the deluxe collection of our website. Sheryll has a hat and is adorned with pearls and feathers. She has layers of white tulle and white fancy lace and she has a long extended tutu skirt.


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