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Welcome to The Original Kewpie Co world of wonder! Where we will take you on a trip down memory lane to where all the most amazing Kewpie's are sparkled, glittered & dressed in mini tulle tutu skirts ready to play! Back in the day you could only buy Kewpie dolls from Carnivals & Shows, now you can buy them online and have them sparkling all the way to your door step. And they are the original style of Kewpie dolls on a stick from the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Our Grandmother used to make them, and now we have relaunched our Grandmothers idea, giving you all the chance to reminisce about your childhood memories and walk down”Kewpie” lane. Lets take our story back to the beginning and share with you a bit of our past…. Starting with our Great Grandfather who worked hard establishing his family Toy business that opened for trade the same day as the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in March of 1932.

From the 1920's our Great Grandmother and Grandfather had been creating our own specific type of Kewpie Doll that were sold at The Royal Easter Shows in Sydney and the other shows around Australia. Our family were the original makers and designers of the iconic Kewpie Dolls on a stick. And the skill was passed down the generations from mother to daughter to son, bringing us to where we are today.

We grew up in the 1980's around my family working hard to make the most amazing Kewpie Dolls for sale at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and shows around the country. The trade was passed on through the family from my Great Grandfather and Grandmother to our Nanna, Auntie’s and Cousin’s, who would all sit around a big old wooden table glueing all types of sparkles to Kewpie Dolls from containers full of all types of glitter, gems, feathers and crowns. All while the old Singer sewing machines were pumping out all types of coloured tulle tutu skirts ready to go on a perfectly decorated Kewpie Doll ready for play.

The Original Kewpie Co Kewpie Dolls were a must have for all Mothers, Grandmothers and Granddaughters alike, everyone was so excited to have a hand made, one of a kind Original Kewpie Doll. And they are still getting excited over them today! Australians have very fond memories of visiting shows and carnivals with their families as children and coming home with a beautiful memento like an Original Kewpie Co Kewpie Doll on a Stick was a tradition for many families. And especially exciting for little girls! 

We invite you to travel along with us on our Kewpie making Journey. We will continue to make and design our family’s Original style of Kewpie Doll, crafted in the way our grandmother would be proud of. But also bringing you some new ideas from the new generation of Kewpie makers. Like the addition of our Original Kewpie Co Kewpie Dolls having Gold shoes painted on. Making it now the signature of our Original Kewpie Co brand of doll.

Take your own trip down Kewpie Doll lane and discover something you may have forgotten from your childhood. Look out for our limited edition dolls to either start up your Kewpie collection or add to a collection of dolls you already have.

Soon you will be able to have a Original Kewpie Doll birthday party, with dolls for everyone, invitations, decorations and much MORE…

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And look out for her Gold shoes!

Feel free to send us your own stories about you and your Kewpie Doll experiences. As every doll has a story to tell! 

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